Access pass-through query is running after results are displayed

I have a form to collect parameters for a pass-through query in Access.  The pass-through query executes a stored procedure.  The results of the stored procedure are to be displayed in a results form.  I've done this before with no-problems, but I must be overlooking something now because when my results page come up it does not display the results from my current paramters, it displays results from the last paramters I entered on my last attempt.  For example, if I enter a date of '2009' to send to the stored procedure and then I view the results form, I dont see results for 2009, I see results from the last paramater I entered.  If I do it again and now enter '2010', I now see results for 2009 and so on.  My pass-though query is recieving the current paramaters I entered, because when I look at it in design view, I see the current paramters I just entered.  I think I need another set of seems like my results are not being sent until after the fact.

My paramters form (frmSearchgroupby) simply has unbound text boxes and a button to open the results form.
My pass-through query (qrySQLSearchDocs) is this:  exec spSearchDocs
My stored procedure (spSearchDocs...tested and works great in sql) is this:

USE [DocDb]
ALTER PROCEDURE [dbo].[spSearchDocs]
        @txtDocSearch varchar(6) = null,
        @txtYearSearch int = null,
        @txtGorLastSearch varchar (50)=null
      SELECT * from DocDb.dbo.Search_groupby_view
      (Doc = @txtDocSearch or @txtDocSearch IS NULL or @txtDocSearch = '')
      and (Year = @txtYearSearch or @txtYearSearch Is Null or @txtYearSearch = '')
    and (GorLast like @txtGorLastSearch or @txtGorLastSearch is null or @txtGorLastSearch = '')
      order by Doc

My results form (frmSearchResultsGroubBy) has the data source set to the pass-through query.
In the On Open event I have this:

Private Sub Form_Open(Cancel As Integer)
    Dim intX As Integer
    Dim qdf As QueryDef
    Dim frm As Form

     Set dbsForm = CurrentDb
     Set frm = Forms!frmSearchgroupby
     Set qdf = dbsForm.QueryDefs("qrySQLSearchDocs")

 Dim rstForm As dao.Recordset

qdf.SQL = "EXEC spSearchDocs " & "'" & Forms!frmSearchgroupby!txtDocSearch & "'" & "," & "'" & Forms!frmSearchgroupby!txtYearSearch & "'" & "," & "'" & Forms!frmSearchgroupby!txtGorLastSearch & "'"
qdf.ReturnsRecords = True

Set rstForm = qdf.OpenRecordset()
Set qdf = Nothing
Set frm = Nothing
End Sub

Am I mising something, or is something running in the wrong place?  It is working great, except that my search is running after the fact!
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Kelvin SparksCommented:
Is the form bound or unbound. It almost sounds like the control hasn't updated when you clicked the run button - if bound do a saverecord first, if unbound find a way to ensure that the focus has ghone elsewhere first

Kelvin SparksCommented:
Looking at it again. You set the qdf on form open, and then redone the SQL, but not topld it to run again. You need a me.requery after setting the sql

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dcgimoAuthor Commented:
That is it!  I added the me.requery and it is working now.  Thank you so much!
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