Lync Questions (Overhead, Deployment, PBX integration)/Experience and Hearsay appreciated

Do I need to get a seperate server for Lync 2010?  We have about 50 end-users most will be using the system for IM and perhaps the PBX integration later on.

Could I install it on the same server as our 1) Exchange Box (12 GB of RAM, dual socket quad xeons, 10k raid 1 OS, 15k raid 5 data + external mailfoundry spam box/appliance)?  Otherwise, I could install it on our grossly under utilized 2) Dynamics GP server.  However, I'd have to be certain it would not interfere (such as crash) the server with our finance server.  Finally, perhaps I could put it on a 3) smaller BES/MS SCCM/WSUS (configuration manager) server.

Which server should/could I put it on: 1) exchange, 2) Dynamics GP (needs to be absolutely stable), 3) SCCM/WSUS/Blackberry Enterprice Server

Initially, I'm going to use it for IM funtionality only but I'd like to integrate it with our PBX (samsung officeserv 7200).  If the Lync Server goes down do all our phones go down even though they still use the PBX?

How is the performance impacted client-side?

Is the intial configuration difficult? More or less difficult than System Center Configuration Manager?

The main pre-implementation/sales question is do I need another server though

Joe K.
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Joseph DalyCommented:
I will try my best to answer your questions as we recently did a lync 2010 installation. We installed the standard version of 2010. We had an extra server lying around but Im pretty sure this could be installed on an existing server.

The specs of the server we installed it on are as follows. HP blade BL460 2x quad core processor and 6gb of RAM. Currently we are only running lync as an internal IM solution. If this is all you want to do for now then this installation has a pretty small footprint and is pretty straightforward. There are several good installation docs online that I followed for ours.

If you want to use LYNC to federate with other companies that are running lync or other chat services then you will need another server for external access and the installation becomes more complex. I have only read about this and havent actually tried it yet so I really cant give advice on that part.

We are currently planning on integrating with our phone system but again this is a little bit different than yours. We are not running a PBX but instead a Cisco VOIP setup with call manager, I know that we will need to do some work with the Cisco unified presence server to tie these two together.

Now onto your questions

 If the Lync Server goes down do all our phones go down even though they still use the PBX?

No if the lync server goes down you will still be able to make calls from your physical desk phone. Obviously you wont be able to chat or use any of the Lync functions because its all server based.

How is the performance impacted client-side?
We have seen little to no performance hit on client machines. The only option you may choose to opt for is to not have it start when windows starts. Other than that it sits quietly in the system tray.

Is the intial configuration difficult?
The initial config was pretty easy I would say maybe about an hour or two depending on how slow you take it. There are a few really good install guides out there that give you the step by step.

The main pre-implementation/sales question is do I need another server though?
If you have a seperate server that you can part with then I would seperate it out. If you absolutely cant then for 50 people I wouldnt really see an issue with running this on an existing server.

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ClaudeWalkerAuthor Commented:
I'm building a single socket server with 8 logical cores, 16GB of ram and an SSD for OS and a RAID5 of 7.2k RPM SATA data drives.  

This is used for WSUS and BES only thus far.  Could I install Lync on that (50 people intranet IM only)?

When we integrate with the PBX I'll go to SAS drives in a larger case wth redundant PSU's and dual socket board.


Also, thanks for your detailed response.

Joseph DalyCommented:
I would say that the server you are building should be plenty to run lync. It gets a little bit trickier to say for sure that you will not have any problems when you add in WSUS and BES. I have never ran this combination so I cant speak from first hand experience. I would make a guess that you would be ok running in this configuration.

ClaudeWalkerAuthor Commented:
Thanks very much.  I'll let you know how it goes.  I bumped everything up to 16GB RAM, RAID 1 SSD OS, RAID5 3 drive SATA.
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