Seeing sub-domains of our external website (

My internal domain name is
My external website that is hosted offsite is
I've got a new Windows Server 2008 machines running AD, DNS, and DHCP services.

I did not set this up domain name structure - I'm just dealing with it. My internal network wants to point our browsers to a subdomain inside our internal network when in reality our website is not inside our internal network. Because initially our internal domain name was named exactly what the external website's domain name is it's causing problems and I'm getting a "Internal Explorer Cannot Display the Web Page Error".

I migrated my internal dns server to a new machine. When I type into a web browser it works fine and goes directly to our offsite web server. The problem I'm having is sub-domains. I want everything that is located before the www and after the to also go to the external site. I need to setup my DNS to point any sub-domains to the external site also.

On the old Windows Server 2003 DNS server (The one I migrated from on Friday) it was working. I added a Host A record in the www folder inside the Forward Lookup Zone folder so that any page that had anything before the would go to the IP address In my host A record all I did was put in the following info: Host "*", Fully Qualified Domain Name "*", IP address "" and it worked in Windows Server 2003. Do I need to set it up differently in Windows Server 2008? Everything migrated over to the new DNS fine it looks like to me, it's just not working now. I do have a Host A Record in the www folder in the Forward Lookup Zone on the 2008 DNS server just like I did on the 2003 server.

We're a high school and we can't access some of the teachers class pages from inside our network because some of them are using sub-domains of If you go to and click on "Computers". Roller the link for that first class "A+ Certification" and you can see the link. It's a sub-domain of the domain that when you click on it from outside our network you can see it, but when inside our network you can't. I need to fix it so students/teachers can access it from inside the network also.
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the are *not* subdomains of -- the links I roll over are subdomains of -- i.e. "" on the link you provided in the last paragraph.

This is different than what you state, but it is likely why your subdomain efforts aren't working quite as you expect?

Make sure your DNS zone is not configured for WINS lookup -- if it is, disable it, as I'm reading they are not compatible.

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(Go to properties for the zone, and the WINS tab -- make sure that WINS lookup is unchecked)
jim34Author Commented:
Worked like a charm. Amazing - how one little checkbox can do all this.
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