Frx 6.7 report designer client install on Win 7 Pro 32 bit

I have installed  and ran sucessfully on XP pro this application . However, when after installing on win 7, I get error 'failed to validate frx system database at c:\ .....\frx 6.7\sysdata\frxsys32.mdb when I launch report designer . I installed  a 6.7 patch I thought was needed for win 7 but still get above error. Need help.

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David Johnson, CD, MVPOwnerCommented:
where is it trying to put the system database?  where does it exist in an xp setup.

here is what microsoft has to say

also you have to ensure that dot net is enabled on your machine

cebu1014Author Commented:
The file for the system database is placed in same directory on both platforms. It even asks you where to place it during the install the default is accepted. I have enable the .net in windows features but no change in error.

I reinstalled and it state that I needed .net 1.1 or higher installed. Windows 7 already comes with 3.5.1 so I am at a loss. I do believe now it is  most likely a .net issue . I have .net 1.1 listed in programs.  

Microsoft says FRX install is not recommended for 64bit but the win 7 I have is 32bit.

Any other help would be appreciated. Thanks
David Johnson, CD, MVPOwnerCommented:
do you have service pack 11 or higher installed for frx ?
Francis OmorutoInfrastructure and Database Design ConsultantCommented:
File system rights?
I guess you've already tried "Run as Adminitrator"
Francis OmorutoInfrastructure and Database Design ConsultantCommented:
Sorry for the typo :(

I generally put the data folders outside the program files folder hierarchy.
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