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I am working on a web site for a local newspaper. I have created a web page that uses their page layouts meaning my page uses their menus and ads but the main contents of the page is my data. So it looks like you are on the newspapers web site but for this particular page you are on my server. The ads and munus all work fine except for two parts of the page where they have given me a html page. The problem is I need to resize there html page to fit on my page. I have been reading that this can't be done because we are on two different domains. IS ther any work around? Does anyone have any ideas on how I can get this to work?

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Hugh McCurdyCommented:
I'm not confident that I understand the question.  It appears to me the problem is they have given you an entire web page and you only want part of it (just enough for the ad, etc).  Is that right?

One idea is to embed the web page in a frame.  (I'm not to thrilled by this approach but it should work if I understand what you want.)

Another is to process the page they gave you and strip out what you don't want.  This has two problems.
1. If they are doing something advanced, you might strip out too much.  Or the editing might be too complicated to be cost effective.
2. My guess is that you are just starting out and if I suggested you write a program to process html files, you wouldn't know where start.

So, that's what I have so far based on limited information.

If you need more help, please try to give us more information.  Thanks.

Hugh McCurdyCommented:
Can you tell me if you are dealing with static content or dynamic content?

Static content doesn't automatically change.  CNN's home page is an example of dynamic content.

If they are giving you an HTML file and say "use that" then it's static.  If you link to their website and the page keeps changing every hour (say to update the temperature, etc), it's dynamic.
Try to  change the styles of the new page with java script
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whiwexAuthor Commented:
it is a dynamic page. They change it everyday.  You can see the page at Just the statistics in the center is what I control. The left column is empty but they want to put these two links
in the left column 

Andrew DerseIT ManagerCommented:
So the two html pages you were given need to be resized?

Have you tried using CSS inside of the html pages for this?

Also, are these two pages static or dynamic as well?
whiwexAuthor Commented:
Yes they need to be resized to fit the column. As far as CSS goes are you saing they would add some css to the html pages? and yes they are dynamic pages the photos and links change daily.
Hugh McCurdyCommented:
I don't have a better idea than using frames.  CSS is a problem since the author doesn't have write access (AFAIK) on the remote server.  The remote server is just going to use its own files unless directed otherwise.  I think you are stuck with using frames in this context.

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