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Itunes playlists and play count - retrieve this information from an old PC and put onto new

I need to get playlist and play count  information onto a new PC. You can consider the old PC where I'm getting the data from basically dead, but I have access to all the files that were stored on that computer.

I need to work out how I can reconstruct all the files, to create iTunes as it was on the new computer.
This is essential as the person REALLY wants his old information back as it was and currently is not happy.

So I need to get my head around where iTunes stores things accurately. If anyone can give a list of on a Windows 7 system what files construct what iTunes needs to get all play lists  and play counts back etc.

***Technical Background info****
Here is the situation. We changed an office network environment over the weekend. An older Windows Server 2003 was removed and replaced with a Windows Server 2008.

The user had his Windows 7 PC attached to the old server and they used Roaming profiles before and folder redirection. (so lots of folders like  appdata were stored on the server)

On the new Windows 2008 server we only use folder redirection (no roaming profiles)
The user stayed on the same PC which has been attached to the new domain. (In theory his old profile still sits on the same PC, but the old server has been removed and the PC attached to the new domain so can't log into it)

Where typically would all the iTunes data be stored and if anyone can advise on my particular circumstances then great.
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