No Internet after remove fake scanner

I removed "Data Restore" app from a neighbors Asus Laptop, Win7 Home Premium, 64bit OS.  Desktop Icons, Documents & Programs were missing so I followed the directions I've used from this Tech Support to get everything back...Rogue Killer, MBAM, unhide and I forget the other one.  Anyway, now the wired nor wireless internet is not working, but works fine on my other computers.  Does not work in SM w/networking either.
Network & Sharing shows that I'm connected to an Unidentified Network and there's no Internet connection.
Is there an app that asus uses for networking?

Any ideas what I can try?

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Steven CarnahanNetwork ManagerCommented:
Check that the "use proxy" setting is correct.  Many infections cause the setting to be changed, usually to the local loopback address ( to prevent access to the internet to fix the issue.

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do a couple of tests:

check under device manager to see if the network adapters (both wifi and wired) are still listed and do not have an "!" sign in yellow.

open a cmd prompt and type :
if you get an IP and all seems well try:

or your gateway IP
philw3995Author Commented:
There are no proxy settings configured.

I'm not getting an IP, only automatic ip.

How do you changed from an Unidentified Network to Home/Work or Public?  Not sure if I chose the wrong option here or it's like this because I'm not getting a connection.
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Go to the Event Viewer>Windows Logs>System Log, and looks for any errors under the source "Service Control Manager", for services failing to start. Often, the services get removed/permissions nailed down etc. If it is something like the AFD service, might need to rebuild the registry components for the affected services (which is simple enough)....
philw3995Author Commented:
Yes, I followed that same Microsoft link before I posted.

In the System Logs, IPSec is failing every two seconds!
Steven CarnahanNetwork ManagerCommented:
A couple of things to check:
1. Check that the drivers for the NIC are up to date.
2. Check to see that Bonjour (installed with Adobe software, iTunes and maybe others) is not installed.
   (you may need to install and then uninstall to completely remove)
3. Turn off IPv6 if you are not using.
4. Reset your router
philw3995Author Commented:
I restored it to an earlier date and that fixed it.  Just have to make sure there's no viruses.
philw3995Author Commented:
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Thank you all!
philw3995Author Commented:
Any of theses answers could of been correct and these guys should be awarded points for their efforts.  

 The solution for this particular computer was to restore to an earlier date, which wiped out Win7 SP1.

Later, I had to re-install SP1 to get some apps to work, such as TurboTax.

philw3995Author Commented:
Thanks for your help!
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