VPN (PPTP) not working

VPN for SBS 2008 is not working.
Mobile users are able to connect to the VPN we've setup but they are not able to access any network shares or even ping the server.
Ports are all opened for PPTP (1723 and GRE port 47) forwarding to the server.
I've reran the VPN wizard on SBS but it doesnt seem to have fixed anything.

We use a DLink DIR-655 for our router. We have this on another client but using SBS 2003 and VPN works perfectly fine.
Is there any special configuration for Server 2008, that we didnt have to do on 2003?

Any ideas?

Thanks in advance!
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if the client gets connected, can you check the IP to see if correct?
also , could it be that the client's LAN is on the same subnet as the remote subnet (e.g 192.168.1.x)
andrew_transparentAuthor Commented:
yes, it's getting a correct IP from the server.
no, the client's LAN is on a different subnet.

I see the client connected in RRAS manager - "status is Non-PAP-capable" if that helps
andrew_transparentAuthor Commented:
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I would try and install wireshark on the server and run a cap.
then try to ping/access the server from a PPTP connected client and see if there is any traffic flowing to the server
andrew_transparentAuthor Commented:
ok, i've installed wireshark and attached the packet capture..
i only trapped packets coming from my ip (the external user) connecting to the server.
from the capture i can see that the client does indeed get connected and gets an IP.
What client is this? in case of windows7/vista try this:

open the connection properties of the vpn-->security-->set to PPTP instead of automatic

Also check if you have setup routing correctly :http://technet.microsoft.com/en-us/network/bb545655.aspx
andrew_transparentAuthor Commented:
yes, i'm trying it out on a Win7 machine.
i've double- checked routing and it looks all right.

Also in my "network interfaces" under RRAS, this is what i see:

Loopback - type: loopback - status:enabled - connection state: connected - device name: none
Local Area connection - type: Dedicated - Status:enabled - connection state:connected - device name: Broadcom BCM5716C NetExtreme II GigE (NDIS VBD Client)
Internal - type:internal - status:enabled - connection state:connected - device name: none

not sure if that helps, but just wanted to give more details.
andrew_transparentAuthor Commented:
....oh yeah, it still doesnt work.
andrew_transparentAuthor Commented:
contacted Microsoft to get it fixed.

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andrew_transparentAuthor Commented:
contacted Microsoft
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