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Hello Experts,

I have been asked to create an online course catalog that will allow the end user to click on a "Registrer" Button on the selected Course they wish to take.

I'm having trouble understanding how I can relate an ASP.NET Button Control to a particular Course that is selected by the end user.

I have at least 20 Courses offered and at least 5 Programs offered for each of the 20 Programs. So if a user would select "Eat Well for Life I" then there may be 5 programs related to "Eat Well for Life I" that I will need to display under the "Eat Well for Life I" Descrtiption along with a 'Register" Button that will select that entire Program.

I need help in regards to how I can create and associate a "Register" now button on the fly for a particular selected program based on the Course selected by the end user.

Any help would be appreciated!!!
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käµfm³d 👽Commented:
You might want to look into the GridView control and the associated RowCommand options. More information and sample code can be found here:
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