Javascript: Get Value of DropDown

I have 2 drop-down lists on my page.  


Both dropdowns hold the same exact time values, from 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM in half hour increments.

 When a user selects a time in the ddlStartTime DropDownList I want to onChange or onSelect (I'm not sure which) I want the ddlEndTime to change to the time the user select in the ddlStartTime.

So if I choose 10:30 AM, the ddlEndTime value should automatically select 10:30 AM.

How is this done?
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<select id="ddlStartTime" onchange="if(document.getElementById('ddlEndTime').selectedIndex<this.selectedIndex) document.getElementById('ddlEndTime').selectedIndex=this.selectedIndex">


<select id="ddlStartTime" onchange="if(document.getElementById('ddlStartTime').selectedIndex<this.selectedIndex) document.getElementById('ddlStartTime').selectedIndex=this.selectedIndex">
cdemott33Author Commented:
Hi leakim971 - Unfortunately that did work.  I'm getting an error stating "Object not found".  This is an ASPX page, so I don't know if it needs to be coded differently.  I added the script via the code behind as follows:
ddlStartTime.Attributes.Add("onChange", "if(document.getElementById('ddlEndTime').selectedIndex<this.selectedIndex) document.getElementById('ddlEndTime').selectedIndex=this.selectedIndex")

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cdemott33Author Commented:
Sorry... typo... I ment to say that your code did not work.
Dis you notice << id >>
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