print spooler in remote desktop

past few weeks users have been trying to print through remote desktop and jobs dont print at all but when we stop and start the print spooler on the win 2003 server, the jobs push through.  I looked at event viewer under system but just warnings about driver for certain printers might not be correct.  Wondering how i would isolate what is causing this and why we would have to keep restarting print spooler.  thanks.
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dankyle67Author Commented:
In addition, just noticed while checking application event log that it referenced event id 1000 "Faulting application spoolsv.exe version 5.2.3790.4759" hope this helps
<event id 1000 "Faulting application spoolsv.exe version 5.2.3790.4759">
The print spooler is crashing.
1.  Check the spool service settings.  Make sure it will continue to try to restart on all crashes, not just 1st and 2nd
2.  Experiment with different remote clients.  There is a bad print driver somewhere, crashing the spooler.  Try to isolate which client has it.  Remove that printer or replace that driver.
3. Make sure that the server DOES have the necessary drivers for all the clients.
dankyle67Author Commented:
Yes will adjust settings in spooler as you instructed.  In the past i remember if i had a printer being used in remote desktop that didnt work properly or at all, i could resolve it by installing the correct driver which would be the win2003 server driver on that server and then i would have to make a mapping in the term server file which gives mapping to correct name of printer.  For example if driver is called hplaserjet5a then would have to explicitly map this exact name to driver that is installed in 2003 server which might be called hplaserjet5b so that server knows which driver to use.  I'm hoping to isolate the printer that is crashing and then install the correct driver as you mentioned.  Does this sound right?
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Sounds like it
Check the event logs and see if the print spooler crash co-incides with just one client's login
Has anybody installed a new printer on a client since this problem cropped up?
dankyle67Author Commented:
sounds good, i can see the spool crashes in application log of event viewer but where would i go to see which remote user just logged in prior to that approximate time? Will also check on any new printer installs within past month since it started happening 4weeks ago they said.
Usually you wind up a bunch of eventID 3, 4 and 8 when any given client logs off.
You can also turn on auditing for log on and log off events.
That should help you bracket when the spooler is crashing, and what machine had loggged on.
The Events also pick up the names other printers, so you can give the suspected printers distinctive names and see if they appear in the log

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dankyle67Author Commented:
great, will try these all out and let you know.  They mentioned that they were trying to print to a color printer that they hadnt tried before so most likely this is the one.  Once its identified as the problem printer then i can just install correct driver and hopefully wont crash going forward.  
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