SharePoint 2010 SSL Certificcate

Hello all.  I've worked with MOSS 2007 quite a bit, but I am faced with implementing SharePoint 2010 Enterprise for a client and had just a few quick questions.

What SSL would you recommend?  In the past I have always gone with a wildcard certificate just because SharePoint sites with different FQDNs might crop up as the needs change.  Out of the box I believe you need at least two certificates if you aren't going wildcard?  One for the SharePoint site, and one for the "MySite"?  or can you make the "MySite" a subsite of the primary SharePoint site? for example..  Or does it have to be  What is recommended?
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Justin SmithSr. System EngineerCommented:
GoDaddy certs work well.  But ultimately, as long as you have a somewhat popular Certificate Authority, it won' tmatter.

I typically recommend wildcard, especially if you thnk there is a slight chance of multiple secured sites.  I just deployed a farm with a wildcard, which is used to secure their main site plus two internal sites exposed to the internet, and MySites.
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