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I currently have a Sharepoint site located at a hosting company. What I would like to do is to bring the entire site inhouse.
I am able to do a backup of the entire site using MS Sharepoint designer. So now I have a backup cmp file.
When I attempt to import the CMP file into my new site I am given a message that states that I must restore into an empty web site.
If I delete the site and attempt to create a new site using Sharepoint Designer I am not allowed to select the Top level site address.
How would I go about importing my hosted Top Level site into my Top Level site that is locacted inhouse?
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is it only a single site collection?
When creating the empty site collection, you want to do this via Central Admin => Application Management, not through SharePoint Designer

If you have more than one site collection (say an entire web application), you might talk to your hosting company about getting a copy of the content database and then it will make everything so much easier as the site collection hierarchy is already set in the content database; all you have to do then is ensure that your DNS and IIS is correct for said web application(s)
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