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Incorrect DNS A records appearing on Domain Controllers

I have a Server 2008R2 machine running a couple of SharePoint sites via IIS. Each site has it's own IP, each IP is assigned to a separate physical NIC on the machine. Each site has it's own A record in DNS.

The problem is, every day or two, a second A record appears for one of the site's IPs, pointing it to the wrong FQDN.


A Records exist for:

Machine1.domain.com -
Machine2.domain.com -

Every day or two, a second A record appears for:

Machine2.domain.com -

This new, erroneous A record does not REPLACE the original record for Machine2.domain.com, but rather, it co-exists with it, causing resolution issues.

I don't think I want to disable dynamic DNS on the Domain Controllers, but I need this second A record to stop appearing!

Any ideas?
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