Incorrect DNS A records appearing on Domain Controllers

I have a Server 2008R2 machine running a couple of SharePoint sites via IIS. Each site has it's own IP, each IP is assigned to a separate physical NIC on the machine. Each site has it's own A record in DNS.

The problem is, every day or two, a second A record appears for one of the site's IPs, pointing it to the wrong FQDN.


A Records exist for: - -

Every day or two, a second A record appears for: -

This new, erroneous A record does not REPLACE the original record for, but rather, it co-exists with it, causing resolution issues.

I don't think I want to disable dynamic DNS on the Domain Controllers, but I need this second A record to stop appearing!

Any ideas?
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I believe if you go to the connections properties, in advanced, in the DNS tap, select Append these DNS suffixes (and enter yours) and select Use this Connections DNS suffix in DNS registration.
MikeR428Author Commented:
But the DNS suffix isn't the issue here.

The issue is, two A records are appearing for the same name, but for two different IPs.

I create the A record that points to

But the machine itself is registering with DNS, with the same name, but pointed to instead of, creating multiple A records for the same domain name, with different IPs.

The DNS suffix for both domain names is, the issue is merely the IP address listed in the A record.

I think I'm missing something here...
On the NIC in dns properties uncheck register DNS record.  The NIC won't register its IP with DNS then

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Darius GhassemCommented:
The only way is to uncheck register this interface with DNS
MikeR428Author Commented:
While this solution does not deal with the root cause of the error, it is an exceptional workaround with the exact same desired results.
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