More than two PPTP VPN

I work for a contracting company and am often working on several tickets at once (waiting on things to install, etc.) If I have two PPTP VPN already open and try to open a third one, Windows 7 gives an error that the device is already in use. Is there a way around this, for instance adding more client interfaces in the same way that I would add server interfaces on the PPTP server?
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Which version of Windows 7 do you have? I just tried with Pro and had no trouble opening 3 VPN connections. Try unchecking "use default gateway on remote network" in the advanced properties of tcpv4 in the VPN connectoid....maybe you've got two networks trying to used the same address space.
erunaheru2Author Commented:
I have Windows 7 Pro. I usually always disable default gateway, but I will check that when I get a chance. Most of our customers (all of the ones we did the initial set up for) have non-overlapping IP spaces, and I have connected to two that have the same before. It obviously doesn't work well, but it does connect.
QlemoBatchelor, Developer and EE Topic AdvisorCommented:
It has been a limitation of Windows Client OS' since I remember that you can only create two simultanous PPTP and two simultanous L2TP connections, and that is what I have found confirmed by searching different threads.

The only official way around it is to use a Server OS - that is what we do, and it has several advantages over the local (client based) connection, including central management. I configure it once, and then use a script to enable and disable the corresponding connection vie netsh (to make sure no connection is established accidentallly).

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