excel not printing all worksheets in color

strange issue..

when one of my users prints in color only the sheet that is currently selected being printed in color...all others come out in grey no matter what the selection is on any printer. I double checked all all printers are selected to print in color.

I am using MS Office 2007
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You're not going to like the answer....

I believe when you go to print the workbook and choose the color option it's for that initial sheet you have open only.  I don't want to waste color pages as much as you don't so my testing options are limited....

Try selecting each page individually and setting the print properties to color individually.  See if that fixes it...maybe start with 2 pages.  Also, you could try slecting all pages by shift + mouse clicking each sheet and then setting the print properties...that might hit them all in one shot!
Arno KosterCommented:
If i printout a number of excel sheets, all pages come out in color corresponding to the regular settings. When I then set the 'print in b/w' setting indeed only the first page is printed in b/w.
This holds for both printing by the complete workbook option and also for selecting all sheets and print selected sheets.

Arno KosterCommented:
It seems that multiple other forums also dived into this problem and presumably only 2 workaraounds can be found :

1) print each worksheet seperately (by hand or using macro code)
2) print the selected worksheets to file and send this file to the printer

as in this forum :
Humar September 10, 2009 at 11:00:16 Pacific
Try printing to file first.
Then send the file to the printer.
I used a freeware program 'PrintFile' to send the file to the printer - see www.lerup.com/printfile/
I had two worksheets with coloured text, then printed the 'Entire Workbook' with Print To File Checked.
Name the file C:\ Anything.prn or whatever suits you
Open the PrintFile program
Set it up with the Printer you want to use
Then drag the file onto PrintFile's Main Window
When you drag the Anything.prn file onto the PrintFile Program's Main Window, it allows you to set printer options. I selected Monochrome, and both sheets in my Workbook printed in B & W
I obviously don't have the same printer setup as you, but logically it sounds as though it might work for you.
PS there may be other ways to send the file to the printer rather than using this freeware program.

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sbodnarAuthor Commented:
ughh... so I guess I have to print each page in color huh?
Well....if you have direct control over your printer you could set the default to B/W and then use that queue.

One more alternative, Microsoft includes other printing options like a plugin with adobe and it's on file printer like AKOSTER mentioned above.  If you turn it in to a PDF or another format first and then print the document, you might get lucky.  It is an Excel file so the formatting may not be what you expect but it's worth a try.  Check you printers when trying to print the Excel file.  You may be surprised to find some 'printers' you ddin't notice before.
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