MS Exchange Server 2007

I'm getting the message ""Subject: FW: {Spam?}CORRECTIONS"  on messages I'm having forwarded by our Exchange Server.  Why is it flagging outboung messages as SPAM or is my ATT POP account flagging the messages?
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not from outlook, you will need to check the pop account or any antispam you have in between
It is generating spam.
Check whether your server is in open relay.
Check whether Antispam filters are enabled or not (2007)
In 2003 check IMF settings.
Check whether Exchange is excluded from AV scannings or not.
chasmx1Author Commented:
Antispam is turned off.  Is there anywhere Exchange 2007 logs emails it has restricted?  Can you view connection handshakes for email?

this is not an exchange message, you will need to check another software before your exchange or you have installed on your exchange however exchange will not add such a thing

again this is not from exchange
chasmx1Author Commented:
Could it be from Outlook 2010 or my AT&T POp account?
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