How to Restore/View Old Files

We have some really old DLT tapes with data that was backed up with a different version of BE, and of course our BE server has changed a few times since then.
My question is:  How can I do a redirection restore with these tapes if we are missing tapes out of the set ?
Everytime I try to do this, I start to inventory/catalogue the tapes, and I will eventually get an error that certain media mounted, but not found - it expected one media & didnt get it - and the restore job fails every time.  I have 200 tapes and I cant restore a single one - which tells me Im doing something wrong.

Surely its possible to recover stuff if youre missing tapes in a set - what happens if a company has a real disaster and needs to salvage what is left ?

FYI - I know very little about BE - so be kind ;)  As Always - Thx
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If the tapes aren't labeled then you may need to inventory and label them so that when it asks for a tape you can insert the correct one.

Sounds like the backup took multiple tapes to complete and all tapes are required to complete the set and restore.
westtexmanAuthor Commented:
If that is the case, and there are lets say 10 tapes in a set - and I only have 8 of them ---   then all the data is unrecoverable ?
When you inventory/catalog you will need to goto tools - options - catalog and uncheck the box to use storage based catalog.  May need to restart the BE services to apply. You may get an error for the missing media.  If you are restoring something that spans tapes (Exchange DB) it would fail of course.  This was a work around on older version, not sure on 2010.  Having the first and last tapes are important as well.

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There should be a box in catalog/restore options to not insist on having every tape of a set. That should allow you to restore individual files from a tape in a set without having the whole set available.
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