Droid phone crashing

My Samsung Infuse smartphone seems to have crashed and I can't get it to function properly again.  I've had the phone less than 2 months but apps frequently Force Close and the phone has "crashed" a handful of times already.  I'm not sure whether it's technically a crash or what but here's what I'm experiencing:
- phone stopped responding (I think while checking email)
- I did a reset by holding the lock/power button
- the phone will reset, going through the reboot with the Samsung and AT&T logo screens
- after that, the buttons will light up at the bottom of the phone but I can not get the screen to come back and the only other "action" taking place on the phone is an occasional vibrate of the phone (I have the phone set to Silent)
I rely heavily on my phone for business and this is a serious problem.  Please help!
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Kris MontgomeryCommented:
I would contact Verizon Customer Support and request they walk you through a hard reset and then re-connect the line.


This will get you up and going immediately.

Good luck!
mankazzleneilAuthor Commented:
This is a AT&T phone so I guess you'd suggest the same...contacting AT&T?  I can but hoped there might be something else I could try first.  I'm new to Droid so not sure about how to manipulate the OS.
mankazzleneilAuthor Commented:
Also, I do not have a land line so without going in to the office, I have no way of getting support over the phone...
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Kris MontgomeryCommented:
Yes.  Contact AT&T.  I apologize for my assumption.

You could also try the safe mode and uninstall the last few apps you have installed:

1. Make sure your phone is turned off.
2. Press and hold the power key to boot up your device.
3. After the “Rethink Possible” letters change from blue to black, continually tap the MENU  key.
When the Home screen is displayed, Safe mode is displayed in the lower left corner of the screen.


Kris MontgomeryCommented:
You can chat with ATT live technical support here:
http://www.att.com/esupport/main.jsp?cv=820  (right side, "Chat with Tech Support")

Good luck!

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AshokSr. Software EngineerCommented:
If you do not have a landline phone, here is my suggestion.

Get a cell phone from your friend or family to use for about 30 minutes on Saturday (or Sunday) or after 9:15pm on Monday to Friday.  This way you will not be using any minutes regardless of the carrier.

Then AT&T will guide you and try to fix the problem.
If not fixed by them, they will probably offer new replacement cell phone at no cost to you.

mankazzleneilAuthor Commented:
I've had to get support for this phone more than once and have done so both over the phone and via chat.  Thanks for your responses.
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