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How do i disable or override a group policy that will single out a computer that has IE automatically detect settings unchecked even if each time a check is placed manually?

IE has been updated to v.9.  Disabled add-ons except for Java.  The O/S is windows 7.  Firefox works.

Thanks in advance for your help.

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Sound like you are trying to determine what policy is affecting this?

From the start menu, launch rsop.Mac, and navigate to your iE settings like you would in gpmc, and see if you can see anything presently configured.....
You'll want to use security groups to determine which PCs the GPO can apply to.

I would create a group with all of the PCs you want the GPO to apply to and from within gpmc.msc you'll want to edit the GPO, go to security filtering, and remove the current entry and add the security group you just created.

This will apply the GPO only to computers in the group specified.

g000seAuthor Commented:
Thank you both on your comments.  

I will try the rsop as you had mentioned john6767.  Thanks for directing me to this command- Resultant Set of Policy.
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