Windows shareware with ads?

A question for you entrepreneurs out there -- lots of iphone apps, etc, (eg words with friends) are now sold in "lite" versions with built in pop-up ads.  You can purchase the "full" version to get rid of the ads.

Would this model work for shareware applications for windows standalone software?  i.e., if I make a utility or game that people download, you have to be (a) connected to the web and (b) downloading ads in order for it to function.  Otherwise you can buy the full version and can use it anytime w/o ads.

Would that work?  I suspect not, or people would be doing it.  Any thoughts?
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Need to add this.

Actually the most effective shareware I have tried that made me want to buy were applications that timed out after a period of time, usually 30 days.  That gave me enough time to evaluate their usefulness.  Good ones had me reaching for the credit card.  Poor ones got deleted.l
It has been done already.


Ubisoft tried it and dropped it later on I understand.

I have used ages ago an application that was supposed to help me surf the Net.  Can't remember what it was.  Didn't realise it popped up ads until it was installed and running.  This was on dial up.  It got flicked the moment I realised what it was going on.

Your experience might be different.
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