Chrome Firefox or IE autofill forms in QuickBooks online

First off, my tech level is moderate to advanced. . .

This should be something very simple but i dont know why its giving me such a pain. could be the website for Quickbooks Online changing something....

Previously when a client is working in QB Online and they go to start typing something in a form it will auto-populate if the same thing was previously used.

I think of it as form filler but that is not correct - so maybe its Cache...  Form filler is addons for Firefox etc, that is more for filling in preset forms like first name, etc...

Anyway the browsers are no longer autopopulating information and client doesnt know exactly what happened to make it change.

I messed with it for a lot of time just looking for that obvious setting to auto populate, cant find it anywhere!!

any help would be greatly appreciated?

Jason KidmanIT Consultant & CEOAsked:
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The term is "autocomplete"

For IE, most https sites will disallow autocomplete as a security feature. I'm guessing QB Online uses https for its service:

For Firefox, there's a way to disable it on the browser:

More likely though, it's the website that's disabling it:

For Chrome, an extension has been developed to override a website disabling autocomplete, although it's not guaranteed to work:
Jason KidmanIT Consultant & CEOAuthor Commented:
This is a very good response... my follow up appt with the client was rescheduled so I havent had a chance to test these possible solutions. Will do next week

Jason KidmanIT Consultant & CEOAuthor Commented:
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