Wordpress images appear on INDIVIDUAL post but not main page

I have a wordpress 3.2.1 site www.dennisfortrustee.com/blog that I am doing for a friend.  Most of the posts will have pictures.  I use the "Add an Image" feature next to Upload/Insert to get the pictures into each post.

If I simply insert pictures there is no problem.  If I type a caption for the picture(s) using the GUI, the entire image will no longer appear in the blog on the MAIN page that it is posted on.  BUT, if you click on the post to look at it individually, or to reply to it with a comment, then voila, all of the pictures along with the captions appear.  I really want the pictures with captions to show up on the main page, but don't see a way to change that.

GUI interface
On the blog, the following posts have pictures that you can only see on the page of the individual post, and not on the main blog:

"Installing officers for the Acadiana Club"
"Circle K Retreat held at Camp Wesley Pines"
"Training tomorrow’s leaders today."

Please help if you can.  Thanks.
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Jason C. LevineDon't talk to me.Commented:

Do you know how to identify the WordPress Loop in the theme files?
KevinAuthor Commented:
That must be it - the theme.  I previewed a couple of other themes, and they had not problem.  I created my particular theme with Artisteer, as I am pretty much new at CSS, but will try to find the part that deals with the photos.  What is the "WordPress Loop" ?
Alicia St RoseOwner & Principle Developer/DesignerCommented:
Hi girbeaud,
There's so much more to a particular theme than just the CSS. You are finding out now.
The theme you are building may not have post thumbnail support, nor featured image support.
Both of these in concert with some php code in the loop in your archives.php template would fix the problem.

The loop by the way is the heart of Wordpress. This loop displays your content in all of it's various formatting across your templates. By editing the loop, you can decide what shows up in your posts and pages. There are infinite possibilities! This takes some basic knowledge of php. Basically, being able to find the code you need and pasting it in the correct spot.
I'm going to suggest that you use the twentyeleven theme (which comes with Wordpress) and make a child theme from that and code your custom CSS.
To get an excellent handle on the CSS I suggest this book. It's an easy read and FUN! It's really helpful.

But if you are willing to stay the course with your current Artiseer theme:

Do you have the functions.php file in your theme folder? We may be able to at least get some thumbnail support added to your theme for starters...

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Jason C. LevineDon't talk to me.Commented:

The weird thing is that he's not using thumbnails as far as I can tell.  The loop is pulling in the complete content of the post with images but if the image has a WordPress-generated caption it won't show up.

That's damn odd behavior.  If using get_content() in the loop, it shouldn't care....
Alicia St RoseOwner & Principle Developer/DesignerCommented:
wondering if it has something to do with artiseer...
I'm a little confused now by your original image.
Why is there text in the image?  iIs this the Artiseer panel?
I notice that the file path does not have the image in the uploads folder. I'm not familiar with Artiseer. This does not look like the regular ol' wordpress panel for inserting an image...
Jason C. LevineDon't talk to me.Commented:
That original screen capture is the Media Advanced Edit mode and is part of WordPress.

girbeaud, the only thing I can think of without seeing the code is that somehow an image with caption is generating invalid HTML and the whole thing doesn't display.
KevinAuthor Commented:
Thanks everyone for all of your help.  I finally got a message back from Artisteer that said that they fixed the bug in a new Beta Release.  I loaded my existing file in to the new release and exported to Wordpress, and it works perfectly now.  Much easier for me to keep using their program than delve into all the php code.  Thanks again

 Artisteer comments
KevinAuthor Commented:
Solutions were on target, but beyond my current ability.  Artisteer fixed the issue, so that's my lazy man's solution for now.  Thanks.
Alicia St RoseOwner & Principle Developer/DesignerCommented:

Thanks for the heads up. I've never used the advanced edit mode. Do all my editing in photoshop.


Glad you got that all squared away!!
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