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Moving the Output to another Worksheet

EE Professionals,

Thanks to many of you, we have a great little Workbook that allows you to identify Tasks, put them in priority order and manage responsibilities for a particular Project.  The RASCI workbook attached has two parts (both input and output) on a single worksheet.  A task is added when you put in a number in column A as where a task fits in priority. A macro automatically evaluates the number and places it in the appropriate order.  Since a task can have multiple assignments, if a number is repeated, the macro automatically copies the task (so as not to allow two tasks to occupy a single priority).  The input can be viewed by sub category as well as shown in total by pressing the "Iterate" or "Clear" buttons.  If you press the Table button, you will be moved to column H where THE OUTPUT is placed and shown.  

What I'd like to do is move the output to a different worksheet in order to simply the model.  Right now, I believe that as rows are added and deleted, it impacts the output table so moving it to a different Tab would have positive impact.

Much thanks in advance.  Please let me know if this is a mult-question request due to its complexity.  

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