index a paging file?

I have a drive that is specificlly used to page and nothing else , should it be configured to use INDEXING ? KJ
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Paul SauvéRetiredCommented:
Indexing Service adds the file namess on the drive or directory for search purposes only.
NAMEWITHELD12Author Commented:
thanks i did not think it is a good idea ,do you have any good links about this ?

forgive me if i can not Google stuff , the bandwidth here is very slow and intermittent , sometimes no internet for hours
Using Indexing Service

Indexing Service

About the Indexing Service

Historically, the Indexing service in XP has stunk. It is a resource hog. It has became one of those "tweaks" to disable the service. I always kill it on all my XP builds. It has also been replaced with Windows Search in recent days.....

Windows 7 does index MUCH more efficiently, and doesn't suffer the similar problems that XP's indexing had.

There really isn't any data out there in regards to YOUR exact scenario. If the Indexing Service is disabled, your question is moot at best, as it wont be indexed if it isn't running.
And keep in mind, it was stated very nicely above, in that "Indexing Service adds the file namess on the drive or directory for search purposes only" (http:#36907007) that it indexes filenames and directories for searching. The pagefile is not a USER data file, but an OS file, which means there is no USER data in it to search. Again, basically confirming that it is not needed, as there is nothing TO index....
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