able to import cisco 1841 router config into cisco 1941 router?

Hi, and thanks for reading this post:

Is it possible to copy a config from a cisco 1841 router via tftp and import that configuration into a cisco 1941 router?

I will be utilizing a new 1941 router for the first time in a few days but would like to develop a configuration on an 1841 and drop it into the 1941.

Also, is the 1941 CLI the same or at least similar?

Thanks for the help...
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CSorgConnect With a Mentor Commented:
you should be able to copy the running from 1841 to 1941, but there will be some errors, those could be ignored so you would have a basic config to build from. CLI is the same, but depending on the installed IOS there could be some different services/functions.
MikeG299Author Commented:
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