Print spooler disabled

We are using group policy to deploy printers from Server 2008 R2 to Windows 7 workstations. Oneworkstation which we have re-imaged is starting up with Print Spooler service disabled, even after changing the start up to automatic.
The event viewer suggests it is because RPC is not running, but it is, and is listed as a dependency for print spooler.
Any ideas?
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Is the print spooler bombing out or just not starting? I have had numerous problems with print spooler service stopping on windows servers but its always been down to having an incorrect or corrupt print driver
Sure I have a few.  Does the computer have Adobe Installed? If so repair it.

Clean out the C:\Windows\system32\Spool\Printers folder

Disable Point to Print restrictions in The group Policy (gpedit.msc > Administrative > Printers)

Remove all installed printers and remove the drivers from the print server - then re-install the printers

Restart your spooler service and verify it is working
jackd1Author Commented:
The print spooler works OK while the machine is running if started manually, but is disabled when rebooted.
BCipollone - by Adobe, do you mean adobe reader, flash player, acrobat, or all of them?
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jackd1Author Commented:
Just for clarification, the actual event message says the RPC server is unavailable, error code 0x800706ba
Are the three services set to auto
1) Remote Procedure Call
2) Remote Procedure Call Locator
3) Print Spooler

jackd1Author Commented:
yes all set to automatic
So you have it set to Automatic, but on reboot it is set to Manual?
jackd1Author Commented:
Does the RPC Locator have to start before the Print Spooler?
jackd1Author Commented:
I have it on automatic. Looking at the event viewer, the service starts on bootup, then stops and is changed to disabled.
no it is set to manual by default
look at services.msc whether RPC is started. if rpc started
run this first in cmd   SC CONFIG SPOOLER DEPEND= RPCSS
then try to start spooler. if not success,

go to this key in reg edit HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\services\Spooler
look at right side this "DependOnService"  & duble click it.
you will see RPCSS, HTTP are there. remove RPCSS & try to start spooler.
 spooler can start without RPC. but i have not test printing
Might have a driver shot corrupting the spooler....

My standard procedure for removing printers AND thier drivers....

Remove all physical printers.

Once the printer(s) is deleted, go to start>, and type CMD (Right Click, and "Run As Administrator"

net stop spooler
net start spooler

Click Start, and type "Print Management">Print Servers>Local>Drivers>Rt Click a driver and select "Remove Driver Package", and remove them all.....

Note: If this is Anything lower than Windows 7 Professional, use the below command instead of Print Management, as it is not included in lower versions.....

Hit Winkey+R, and paste the following.....

printui /s /t2

It will bring up the classic Drivers tab, familiar with XP. You can remove Drivers from there, after the printers are gone....

Then try and reinstall the network/local printers....

jackd1Author Commented:
Sorry. Problem solved. A program called net control 2 was killing RPC.

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jackd1Author Commented:
All the other suggestions were tried and didn't succeed.
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