A document opens in read mode in office 2010 but in edit mode in office 2007 when using sharepoint 2007

Our company has just started implementing Office 2010 but still uses SharePoint 2007. We are noticing 2 issues starting to occur.

1)Word documents open in read mode when selecting the document link in sharepoint (not using dropdown menu). The behavior in Office 2007 was documents would open in edit mode. Is there a way to get word docs to open in edit mode using office 2010 and SharePoint 2007, other than using the dropdown menu?

2) Excel files, when selecting the document link (not the dropdown menu), are requiring a refresh before changes can be saved. Any merges of data are lost during the refresh. What's causing the refresh error/warning in excel? Also using office 2010 and SharePoint 2007.

Process changes are hard to make so it would be nice to avoid a work around that involves a process change.

An explaination of why this is occuring would be equally satisfactory.
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Hitesh ManglaniCommented:

Can you try doing the steps mentioned in my blog post below?

Let me know if this helps

janicet123Author Commented:
Hi Hitesh,
We tried this and it was unfortunately unsuccessful. I think what I did not include was the full process. The user will modify the document properties (like Title or Name) and then open the file by clicking on it. They click the Edit Document option on the top of the document and make some changes. When they try to save, they recieve the error - "Refresh Required! This document needs to be refreshed with updates. Click Save to refresh and retry uploading your changes." Even when they click Save, all changes are lost. I assume this will get better when we have SharePoint 2010, since we can allow multi-user edit. But for now, it appears to be an issue with the metadata changes posting back to the server in time for the document to be placed in edit mode. This issue does not occur with Office 2007 or with documents whose properties are not edited.

Does this help explain it better? Please let me know if you need more information. Thanks so much for your help!
janicet123Author Commented:
I opened a ticket with Microsoft and found that our issue is a known compatiblity issue between Office 2010 and SharePoint 2007. The only fix is to upgrade to SharePoint 2010.

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janicet123Author Commented:
There is no fix except to upgrade, whcih we plan to do within 6 months.
Hitesh ManglaniCommented:
I see, thanks for the update.
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