Creating a policy that runs a .bat file on loging in from a network share

I would like to run a .bat file from a DFS drive that runs every time a user logs in a Pc on the network,
The file is on a server called file2 which is shared as everybody’s Y drive. I thought I can run this through a system policy and would like help with the correct syntax please.
Drive as said is the y drive on all users Pc and is as follows Y: \\FILE2\FIle2 DFS
and the bat file I want to run is below

 @echo off
if exist %systemdrive%\policy\it_policy1.szp goto end
if not exist %systemdrive%\policy\ goto next
mkdir %systemdrive%\policy
net use y: /d
net use y: \\file2\file2 DNS
copy y:\it_policy1.szp %systemdrive%\policy
Regedit /s y:\it_policy1.reg
net use y: /delete goto end

Would this work or am I totally wrong?
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dances1960Author Commented:
Or since the Y drive already exists do I need this at all?
No need to map the Y drive. You can use UNC paths instead. Group POlicy Preferences is preferred over regedit, especially when running on Vista/7/Windows 2008/R2 because of UAC. Group Policy Preferences can even copy over your file, so you don't actually need a script at all.

Group Policy Preferences

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There is a policy specifically for this....

Run these programs at user logon
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