powershell: set-acl to UNC path removes existing permissions


When I try and set "ReadPermissions" for a security group to a UNC path - eg \\computer\test, the group is added with the required permissions. However the existing permissions are all removed.

If I run the script against the local drive, eg c:\test, the permissions are not deleted.

How do I keep the existing permissions when applying the script to a UNC path?

Please note that I have to use UNC path and can not do local drive or use C$


$folder = "\\computer\test"
$ADgroup = "AD_GROUP"

$ACL = get-acl $folder
$accessLevel = "ReadPermissions"
$inheritanceFlags = "None"
$propagationFlags = "none"
$accessControlType = "Allow"
$accessRule = New-Object System.Security.AccessControl.FileSystemAccessRule($ADgroup,$accessLevel,$inheritanceFlags,$propagationFlags,$accessControlType)
Set-Acl $folder $Acl

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x-menIT super heroCommented:
this will add the new FileSystemAccessRule to the colection retrieved from the folder:

$ACL = $ACL.Access + $accessRule
QlemoBatchelor, Developer and EE Topic AdvisorCommented:
All examples I've seen talk about using $acl.SetAccessRule, not .AddAccessRule, to add ACLs. Try that.
staino1983Author Commented:
Thanks for the help

The problem was that I was testing the UNC path against my own computer which had UAC enabled. For whatever reason, UAC was causing this issue. If I turned UAC off, the script would work. If I run against a remote server with the UNC path, it also works fine.


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staino1983Author Commented:
resolved myself
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