cant boot to bios

I have a workstation running windows xp x64 bit.
I reboot it today and now it won't boot to bios. Its stuck at black screen. When i take out the hard drive and boot without it, it goes to the bios. Any ideas?
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further troubleshooting without spare hard drive:

If you would like to reset cmos, (personally I would just to troubleshoot) see attached picture.

Pull the cmos jumper straight out, turn on pc, turn off pc, and replace jumper.

alternatively you can reseat the actual cmos battery itself, unless it is glued in.

hope this helps

This sounds like a boot sector problem although that wouldn't stop you from entering bios..weird..

Have you tried removing the cmos while the hard drive is connected and then replace cmos and boot?

Brian PiercePhotographerCommented:
I have known these symptoms when the disk itself has failed - possibly a hardware fault. To make sure, try the disk in another machine
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With the drive's data and power cable removed, boot up.  Enter the BIOS and set the first boot device to CD, the second to USB, etc.

Now with a Ubuntu Live CD or Flash drive inserted, try plugging the hard drive back in and seeing if you can get past POST.

Download Ubuntu
lcipolloneAuthor Commented:
how do i remove the cmos?
Michael DyerSenior Systems Support AnalystCommented:
I agree that it sounds like a drive problem.  You can purchase an Inexpensive adapter that allows you to connect a drive to a USB port.  You can try using one of those to read the drive on another computer.
>>  When i take out the hard drive and boot without it, it goes to the bios  <<  that points to a disk locking the system
test if it does the same with another disk - or test your disk on another system

btw - the bios battery should read 3V; if not replace it
for resetting the bios to defaults :
disconnect AC - remove battery  - reinsert it after a minute
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