iChat server login error on 10.5.8 Server

I'm trying to set up iChat as a local service on the LAN. The server is an ODM and the Web service is running. I have not setup DNS -- we've got DNS on another box and this server has never needed it. Server has been totally stable for years.

When I create a Jabber account in iChat, the attempt returns an error:

"iChat can't log in to because your login ID or password is incorrect."

It appears that iChat sees the server. I've tried different accounts and typed the passwords in very carefully.

All suggestions appreciated.

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make sure that you are entering the account name in the correct format: user_name@server_name.domain_name

Have you made sure that access is allowed to iChat Service on the server?

How to:
- In Server Admin, choose your server and login, click Access
- In the Access settings pane you either choose "For all services" on the left and "Allow all users and groups" on the right (NOT a recommended setting due to security reasons, but might help while debugging.)
or (the recommended setting) choose "For selected services below", mark iChat and either choose "Allow all users ..." or make sure the correct users and/or groups are present in the right pane.
- Click [Save]

If Access settings are ok but it's still not working, then you might try changing authentication method in Server Admin ==> iChat ==> Settings. ("Any Method" allows both Kerberos and Standard.)

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d4nnyoAuthor Commented:

@maximus5328: all our usernames are short, first names. No chance of error there. Our server is called "xserve.local." So "username@xserve.local"

I had the iChat client server setting as the private IP address of the server. Changing the server setting to "xserve.local" caused the authentication error to stop. But instead of the error, the client now shows "connecting..." without ever making the connection.

@ACSA: Our Access was set to "Allow all" for all services. Authentication Method was set to "Any Method."

what host domains are specified in Server Admin > iChat > Settings > General?
can you also post the log at the time client connects.

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d4nnyoAuthor Commented:
DNS was not properly set up on the server. Now it's repaired.
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