Wipe / delete hard drive remotely if laptop is stolen

Does anyone know of freeware/ open source software/ appllication that will delete my hard drive if my laptop is stolen?  I'm looking for something to wipe the device similar to the Find iPhone app, or a webpage I can log into to remotely wipe the hard drive if I lose position of my laptop.
Thank you
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David Johnson, CD, MVPOwnerCommented:
encryption is better but there are programs like http://www.troublefixers.com/remove-data-from-lost-stolen-laptop/ that claim to work..
Hey checkonetwo,

Most remote-wiping software is really expensive (1000 -) mainly used for businesses. for instance you can look up disk agent, or HP has a similar service you can pay for even Fujitsu has it inbuilt to some of their laptops.

The program I us is 'LoJack" I pay 60 dollars a year and have only used the remote wipe feature once (when I didn't need it I was simply testing a reinstall) it worked amazingly.

Ultimately, you will have to pay, and I'm not so sure wiping your hard drive instead of tracking it down for the police is the best option, I would look into encrypting (free) software for important files, and maybe buy a one time purchase of lojack if you are really worried.

I hope this helps,


Remember, depending on how well the wipe is done, data still might be recoverable. Never used the suggested products, but even a formatted volume can easily be recovered with high success....

I would second the suggestion above on encryption (no points, just commenting)....
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why don't you use bitlocker drive encryption?

it will be available in Win 7 Enterprise & Ultimate editions. if you are an MS Volume license customer, sign Software Assurance for your Os and you will get win 7 enterprise edition.
you can use bestcrypt also : www.jetico.com/ 
no need to erase anything
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