DFS Management info to show on more than one server

We're setting up DFS and DFS  namespaces to provide redundancy with multiple servers on W2008 R2 domain.  The data is now replicating between the two.  However, namespaces and replication groups set up in DFS Manager on one server don't show up on the other one.  We'll need to be able to continue to manage it if one server goes down.  How can we get the DFS manager info itself to be available on any DFS server in the domain?  I had assumed that the info was saved in AD and would be available on other servers, similar to the way DNS does.
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Under DFS Management, select add DNS Namespaces to Display or add DFS Replication Groups to Display from the right hand column as appropriate. All DFS settings are stored in AD, but which items to display in the GUI is profile specific.
pcspcsAuthor Commented:
Perfect, thanks.
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