How many cisco 2501 can I use on a 120watts plug?


I have 3 2501 and a 2600 cisco routers and I would like to know how many routers I can use on a 120watts connection on my garage?.

Please advise.
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Router power requirements are 40W, 40 to 72 VDC

I presume that your garage has a 120 volt outlet, but the breaker is rated at different amps which will make big difference. Lets just guess that your home has a 30 amp breaker for now. The formula for watts is below:
Watts = Amps x Volts

If your breaker is 30 amps and we multiple by 120, your total watts is 3600. If we divide this number by the routers, your can theoretically have 90 routers plugged in. However adding in PC's, that big screen TV I'm sure your mancave has, the surround sound, and the lights for your pooltable, maybe less.

So you should be in good shape, dont mistake the outlet volts for watts... and if you need to know the breaker amp, check your box and read the number, they're written right on the breaker switch.

take care.


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