Adobe Contribute Template Error

We are taking over editing and hosting our own website.  The previous designer gave us a copy and I have successfully moved it over to our new hosting server and now I need to fix some broken links. Even with the old hosting company, we always used Adobe Contribute to update the site.  However, now when we try to make changes we get and error stating "All of this page's properties are locked by a template so you can't edit them"

Any ideas?
A.V.Lead EngineerAsked:
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Jason C. LevineNo oneCommented:
1.  Are you absolutely sure the pages are not part of a Dreamweaver Template and thus locked out from Contribute?

2. If the old site used Contribute, you may need to destroy the old connection and rebuild it to get Contribute to work properly on the new server.  You may want to delete the _mm hidden folders from your site's root folder to really make sure Contribute is looking at the right place.  

3, The other possibility is that the copy process corrupted something and now Contribute can't tell if there is a template or not.

Frankly, Contribute is and always has been buggy as heck and shouldn't be used by anyone.
A.V.Lead EngineerAuthor Commented: can I tell if the pages are a part of a Dreamwaver Template?  And if they are....can I use Dreamweaver to edit them?

I figured it would be best for them to continue to use Contribute to edit the site since it is what they (the client) are accustomed to.  I am an IT person not a web designer and don't particularly want to deal with creating a new website..
Jason C. LevineNo oneCommented:
You would look at the source code of the page and if you see a lot of HTML comments that reference TemplateEditableBegin and End and similar, then the site was created with a Template.

Dreamweaver can detach a page from its template which will make the whole thing editable but it will also remove the ability fir the page to update as the template updates. You really need to establish how the site was created (template or not) and if templates are involved the you do need a copy of the .dwt file and Dreamweaver to make changes to protected regions.  

>> I am an IT person not a web designer

With respect, would you hire a web designer to design your network?  Each discipline has its expertise and deciding to host and maintain without any knowledge if the environment and tools is not a good decision in the long run.  

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A.V.Lead EngineerAuthor Commented:
Found the dwt file.  Edited it as needed in Dreamweaver.  Good to go.
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