How do I delete letter "A" symbol by my copyright date in dreamweaver footer?

Hi, How do I delete letter "A" symbol by my copyright date in dreamweaver footer? Here's a link to the page in question, "" it should look like this link,"".

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sjklein42Connect With a Mentor Commented:

Try using © instead of the copyright symbol itself.
You seem to have a bad character in the date string (obviously).  Go back into your footer definition, select all the old text, delete it, and type it in again.  Don't "paste" it or you will get the bad character pasted back again.  If that's what it is.
ScottRAnderson1Author Commented:
redid the footer text from scratch and I still have the symbol on the first link.
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Delete ALL of the text.  Type it in Notepad (plain text), copy it and paste it in the footer.  Because you are pulling plain text, there should be no out of whack characters at that point.

If that works, you know it was a bad/unsupported character.
I copied your source, pasted it into Notepad, and noticed the 'A' Character.  I deleted it, save the file, and the 'A' Character was now showing up as a '?' in the source.  I deleted the '?', resaved the source, and it was finally removed.

PITA, but it is removable that way.
ScottRAnderson1Author Commented:
Worked perfect. Thanks.
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