Backup Exec painfully slow - possible SCSI ID issue?

Backup Exec 2010 R3 with LTO4 tape drive attached via Adaptec 29320LPE card.

I'm getting horrible performance even from the host to the tape device, averaging around 300MB/min.

I've tried things like drivers, scsi cable, HP LTT tools, etc.

The only thing I've found that might help so far is that the HP LTT Tools state:

The drive is experiencing polling (1.0 / sec. polling rate) on initiator ID 7.
Polling can interrupt the normal operation of the drive, and significantly reduce performance.

I looked and noticed that both the adaptec card and the internal "megasas" card that controls the external SAS connector are both at ID 7.

So the question is...could this be the issue as to why the tape is so slow?  Ways to fix it?  Can I change the adaptec SCSI id?  Should I?

Any other thoughts as to why the Tape is so slow?  Even the HP LTT tools only get around 14MB/s so it isn't Backup Exec causing seems hardware related to me.
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SteveIT ManagerCommented:
Saw this if of use
SteveIT ManagerCommented:
A few thoughts

Have you run a cleaning tape?
Have you checked for newer firmware for the tape drive itself and the SCSI card ?
Have you tried running an LTO3 tape to see if it gets better performance ?
TheCleanerAuthor Commented:
yes on cleaning
yes on newer firmware
no on LTO3 (but not a bad idea)
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SteveIT ManagerCommented:
Just thinking of what we did here when our backup started messing about

Also check with Symantec support site as to whether or not there are any compatibility problems with the card used and the configuration (although a long shot admittedly)
TheCleanerAuthor Commented:

Yeah, we've been through all of that kb article and then some.  I'm going to open another ticket with Symantec and if they can't figure it out I'm just going to have the tape drive replaced.

Thanks for the try.
TheCleanerAuthor Commented:
Article and idea of LTO3 was good.  Article had already been followed, but is the proper thing to do.
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