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We used to have our local software's running in MS Access, but lately we are facing alot of errors.

Now we are thinking of shifting to some other language. Can you please guide me which language can we go for. We are thinking of going for Intranet based applications now.

Please suggest me the front-end as well as database option we can go for. We are currently running windows server 2003.

Thanks :)
Rahul SehrawatAsked:
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It is very depends on your needs.

Do you really need/want to access the system from the web? this can open your system to hackers if not doing it right and make your data public. are you willing to take the risks?

you can built interface to use your existing database but I would recommend moving to more advanced database like Microsoft Sql(they have also express version that is free) or even to MySQL
Rahul SehrawatAuthor Commented:

Thanks for the reply. Actually our server is locally deployed. It cannot be accessed by Public, only people in the LAN have the access to server.

I was thinking of deploying mySQL as the database. But I am not sure of the front end.

as you probably know by now is that every development language has it's pros. and cons.

what i have tried to tell you is that web application are less secured than desktop applications.

PHP will be the cheapest. and works perfectly with MySQL.
if you decide on web I will recommend doing it in MVC pattern
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Rahul SehrawatAuthor Commented:
Hi Again,

I am sorry to bug you with so many questions.

What database would work great with the following languages, Also what would we have to install  on our windows 2003 server to run web based applications made on these languages:


Thanks and Sorry .. :(
It's OK, I'm here exactly for that :)

ASP is script language like PHP (No need to compile things) the web server works harder. for this language it will be hard to find good programmers (old language)

ASP.NET is much more powerful then ASP but it needs to be compiled in advance. I personally use this language combined with c#(C Sharp)

Java is not Microsoft product, I didn't worked with it so I can't say anything about it (I'm more a MS guy)
Rahul SehrawatAuthor Commented:
ahh thanks for the suggestion..

so what I am telling my office people is we can go for the following:

PHP with mySQL
ASP.NET  with Microsoft SQL (Express Version)

I will do little bit search on JAVA too. and I hope this will not cost anything except the developer cost to our company.
that sums it up well :)

Microsoft SQL (Express Version) size is limited to 10GB but if you have access now it will be ok because access limits are lower

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Rahul SehrawatAuthor Commented:
Thanks alot or the suggestion.. :)
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