Need to replace nVidia GeForce 8800GT 512MB Video Graphics Card in Mac G5

I need to replace the nVidia GeForce 8800GT 512MB Video Graphics Card in one of my Mac Pro G5s. The card is dead and giving me orange screens of death before forcing the computer to restart before it can boot.

What should I replace it with? The code for the exact card that died is 630-9492/T0027
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Depending on which OS X version you have, the following is a list of compatible graphics cards  for your system based on the performance and cost

Until it died were you satisfied with its performance?
Do you have another that has a different graphics card that you find a better option?
telstar_Author Commented:

Thanks for the list. The card was great until it died. I was curious if there were any good upgrades but if the card can just be replaced with another of the same model then I will go with that.

Any recommendations where I should order one from? Any sites that are good to get these from?

Compare the stats with:
ATI HD 4870:
ATI HD 5770 OS X 10.6.4 minimum required:

You should check with Apple to see what cards are compatible with your existing system model/OS and then check their specs against your use and decide which is best for you.
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