Quickbooks issues with FQDN

Dear Experts,

FQDN don't work with quickbooks, Quickbooks server been joined to the domain "domain.local", quickbooks server name set to quickbooks "Quickbooks database managment server".

from nslookup, I get replay for both quickbooks and quickbooks.domain.local. but from client when I connect to quickbooks server I can not change to "single user name".

I have added host recode under client C:\Windows\System32\Drivers\Etc\hosts" file, if i set it to below setting, user can change to single user mode:
quickbooks        10.x.x.x

BUT if i set it to FQDN can't, it will give error and advise to change to "host  multi user mode", this is where that client hold the file.
quickbooks.domain.local       10.x.x.x

is that correct?

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Hello uknet80,

We have deployed a number of Quickbooks installation using FQDN's

We made sure that once the PC's were enrolled into the domain that the AD profiles issued mapped drives to the relevant Quickbooks repositary.

We then installed Quickbooks on the server using the server / sharing option. The PC's were setup using the client option.

All PC's then open the relevant company file making use of the mapped drive eg. x:\

Is your deployment similar? If not try the approach as indicated above...


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uknet80Author Commented:
my steps was as follow:

1- joined server to the domain.
2- moved server to right OU
3- installed "Quickbooks database management server"
4- made sure record been added to DNS server.
5- move quickbooks files to share folder and give access to everyone.

am i missing anything?
That sounds good so far. You now need to add the following script file info to your AD profiles. The script files are stored in your netlogon folder of the server. In this example the Quickbooks files aresaved in the folder mapped as p:

 Place where you will tell AD to execute the attached script file script.txt
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Once you have done the steps above your users should she a p: drive now mapped when they click on "Computer" within windows

All that need to be done now is to open the P: drive, once you have insled the client on the PC's, and double click on the company folder to access it via the network
uknet80Author Commented:
I have created share drive manually from client machine (Tool->Map Network Drive)
does it make difference?
The only real differnce is that should the drive become diconnected then the AD policies will regenerate them

What version of Quickbooks has been installed?
uknet80Author Commented:
sorry for late replay

it is Quickbooks Enterprise Solution Version 11
Cannot wait to get hold of it this end. South Africa is a bit behind and only have 2010 available.

Has your problem been resolved?
uknet80Author Commented:
not yet,

I have reinstalled "Quickbooks database management server", while server was part of domain,  I coudn't start QuickbooksDB21 service, I was getter error "the service did not start due to a logon failure" error 1069, then under services  double clicked on QuickbooksDB21 service and from LogOn tab changed username from  QBDataServiceUser21 to domain administrator name, and started the service, now I can't change to milti mode, nighter through using only computer name from host file or domain name.
uknet80Author Commented:
guy i have spoken with quickbooks support they said, quickbooks dosn't support FQDN, it only supports host name, that is were you have to added under host file.

is that true?
uknet80Author Commented:
the solution is to add hostname to host file for each workstation,
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