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adding new records with dates

I have a table/query/form with the following record:-
 I provide service to the customer at regular intervals - weekly, fortnightly, monthly - over the course of a year
I want to be able to generate a series of new RECORDS by adding to the date

I want to be able to fill in the initial details then tell it to add a specific number of days (maybe 7, 14, or 28, or something else altogether) to the date, and to do this a specified number of times.
I thought I might have found an answer, but I seem to have lost it.
I would expect to need two additional fields, Frequency and No of Times, and perhaps an append query, but I just cannot get my head around it.

Most answers are about two date fields (startdate/Enddate) and adding to the first to generate the latter.  Also, they assume that the interval will be constant (always add 7 dayes).This doesn't do what I want.

Can It be done?  I am an amateur when it comes to VBA.
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