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    I'm curious if someone can recommend an all-in-one video/presentation software package (preferably FREE, but if I have to buy it, I will).  I've been tasked with putting together a photo montage for a 50th wedding anniversary, so it's pretty important.  This software would need to be good, yet be user-friendly too.  Will need to do some editing so that I can add music, fade-in, fade-out, text, ect., ect...  any good recommendations for an all-in-one video editing and presentation software package that offers a lot of bells of whistles, yet is easy to use would be GREATLY APPRECIATED!

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CyberLink PowerDirector

This is best software, you can edit videos, create VM and many more
The high end is Adobe Premiere.
If just for photo montage, I think you can use Microsoft Power Point.
I would also recommend using Adobe Premiere. It is in no way free, but it is very user friendly and a powerful tool that I have used myself many many times for similar editing jobs.
Try Microsoft's Video Maker You can get help on learning the software from

If you are looking at purchasing any software then Adobe Premier is good.
itsmevicAuthor Commented:
Thank you to everyone for your input.  Very helpful!
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