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How to integrate a C#-Class into a C++-Kode in a CLR project?


I have a Windows Frames project written in C#. Now, for demonstration purposes, I have to write a code in C++, all in .NET Framework 4.0 with Microsoft Visual Studio 2010. I have several years of experience in C/S application, partly written in C/C++, but the WinForms project is my first .NET project and with C#.

To go on faster, it would be nice to use some C# classes that I have already written, like Constants, DAOs, etc., in the demo project. I found out that it is possible to have both C++ and C# code in a CLR project, but I do not know how I can access a C# class directly from a C++ class.

How can I access a C# class from C++ code in a CLR project? If a DLL is the solution, how can I create a DLL out of the C# classes?
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