Software uninstalling itself on reboot

Just thought I'd throw this one out there...

Any ideas on why when I install antivirus on a machine, on reboot the product completely disappears? Could there be some script hiding somewhere that is executing an uninstall on reboot?

We're using CA Total Defense r12 but I can only guess that there is something in windows that is causing this to occur on reboot. The product functions fine before a reboot and then all program files and services vanish.

How can I stop this from occurring? I've attempted to install the software twice now.
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Try installing it manualy (not from a prepacked MSI or whatever it is) and see if you have the same issue. if not there is somthing wrong with the packet/script you use. and that will need to be troubleshooted.

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BTW, what does the eventlog show after a reboot? Does it say its been uninstalled?
Launch msconfig and make sure all services and startup items are enabled....reboot and check.

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I suspect you have a root kit with malware or viruses installed, try running tdss , and malwarebytes and see if these find anything. Tdss will find and remove root kits and can run innsafe mode if needed.

Very Likely there is an infection there
Also try a different AV, recommend security essentials from Microsoft, can usually run even on infected machines
tegeniusAuthor Commented:
Evidence suggests that something is uninstalling it. I am unable to pinpoint the problem from the event log.
tegeniusAuthor Commented:
Event log shows an entry for msiexec and the removal of CA ITechnology Gateway.
Some Viruses tend to do that. Best to take it offline and download the latest av (other than ca) as these viruses/malware can also update themselves via the web, making it more difficult to remove.
Could be a virus or a bad packet. If you do a manual install and you get the same problem then its a virus, if not its yourMSI packet thats having issues.
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