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yahoo account

i have a problem connecting to my yahoo account.
it sais invalid password. but i type in the correct one again and again.
is therea way to completely delete my account and re-create it ??.

3 Solutions
Obadiah ChristopherCommented:
Delete the cookies from your browser and try
Have you tried the password recovery?
No you cannot do it yourself
and you cannot get the same username also
unless you contact the support
but there are very few chances that they will provide you the password
try to remember by guessing or using the forgot password option
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There must be millions of people around the globe on a daily basis who have forgotten their webmail passwords and need to be reminded.  That is the reason that there will always be a "forgotten your password?" link next to the login fields.

Usually what happens is that you need to supply your account name (email address) and possibly also provide the answer to your "secret question" or other secret details.  You are then usually emailed a temporary password that you need to then change your password to another of your own before the temporary one expires.  Other methods are to email you a web address to click on or paste into your browser and it allows temporary access to change your password without knowing your forgotten one.

Different providers do this in different ways, but you obviously can't receive such an email UNLESS you have previously set up an alternative email address for such an event.  They WILL send an email to your current email address just in case somebody has attempted to hack into your account with a false "password reminder" request, but the email with details about how to reset your password will go to your alternative email address.  Some companies allow you to get a mobile phone text message in addition to an email or as the alternative.

So, unless you have set up an alternative email address you are doomed ;-)

It is possible that the wrong password has been cached and that it is somehow trying to autocomplete with the wrong one.  You don't say your operating system.  Passwords are cached differently by different operating systems and different browsers.  You may find that one of the utilities by Nir Sofer could reveal a slightly wrong cached password and allow you to remove it.



Be aware that either of these programs may be flagged by your AntiVirus or Anti-Spyware applications as suspicious.  They are not malware, but because of the way they dig into your system they can appear to be malicious in behaviour.

If that fails, then you will have to contact yahoo support.
Go Here and first try "my password doesn't work":
If your email compromised? I would recommend reading
http://blog.thoughtpick.com/2009/10/how-to-protect-your-hotmail-gmail-yahoo-mail-facebook-from-hackers.html,  make sure always to change passwords regularly and use strong one and always use different passwords for different services such as facebook, yahoo, hotmail, gmail, mail, twitter..etc.

If you have forgotten your password, I would recommend  Password Management Software http://passwordsafe.sourceforge.net/  or  https://lastpass.com/

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Thank you Tolomir
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