highest resoluton youtube download

i needed to download a youtube video.. i used keepvid

17MB is the MP4 file, but it does seem like the best resolution. Space is not an issue. how would you recommend downloading the best resolution(highest)

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the video you want to download is only offered in one resolution, as it wasn't uploaded in a better resolution you can't download it in a better resolution as youtube itself doesn't have a higher resolution copy of this video. try looking for the same video using keywords on youtube, maybe someone else has uploaded a better version. also try using videodownloadhelper: https://addons.mozilla.org/de/firefox/addon/video-downloadhelper/

it lets you choose the resolution you want to download the video in.
Not to be a downer here, but....it is a violation of youtube's terms and services to download any video posted on their website.  As such, it is a violation of EE's policy to discuss illegal activity.
25112Author Commented:
hax1, thanks for the tech info.
lancecurwensville, I was not aware of that- thanks for alerting that. we will have the audience watch it live, then.
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