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I'm looking at setting up Google Apps for a Committee I am part of to make communication and managing meetings easier.  The members of committee can/will change every 2 to 3 years.  What would be the best way of managing/setting up accounts?

Would it be best to create specific personal email accounts for each committee member: etc, etc

and then create nicknames for each account like: forwards to the appropriate members forwards to the appropriate members forwards to the appropriate members

or just create the accounts:

and give the appropriate members access to them?

What I’m trying to achieve is that when a member steps down form a position the new members taking over can have access to still to previous emails so that they are aware of things which have happened.  Hope this makes sense and I look forward to a response.
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If the persons should have access to old e-mails sent to the previous "owner" of an address you should definetly go the second route and create the accounts with etc. and simply add their as aliases to the accounts, then if somebody new takes over you simply change the password and add / change the new persons firstname.lastname ...

otherwise you might have to migrate data, and of course keep communicating new e-mail addresses ...

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anthonytrAuthor Commented:
I thought as much... thank you for your advice!
anthonytrAuthor Commented:
When you say aliases would this be the 'nickname' feature in google apps?
yes the nickname feature!

(it just means that mails that get send to the nickname address also go into that users mailbox ...)
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