Lost access to router due to DMZ !


i have lost access to my remote ADSL tp-link router, cuz i set i DMZ enables and now it forwards all ports to the already setting computer in the lan and i have no access the to router itself ! .

is not there alternative port or something to access the router page via port 80 or alternative port ? ..

thank you !
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Hello hintco,

You will have to connect to router locally and change the web access port to another number.

See the article http://www.tp-linkhome.com/tp-link-router/tl-r402m/i-want-to-build-a-web-server-on-the-lan-how-should-i-configure-the-tp-link-tl-r402m-router.html for more info

Hope this helps

If you forwarded all the ports from external to the DMZ, you are no more able to connect from the external.

You should instead remote console to the DMZ server and then connect to the router from there.

hintcoAuthor Commented:
- cannt access it locally its so remote !
- how to remote console ? telnet not working !
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Ashok DewanFreelancerCommented:
If  you haven't done any huge settings in router then you can reset it. If you have not any other option to access it.
Ashok DewanFreelancerCommented:
If you have done portforwarding to dmz then most of the ADSL router moved to port 8080
Adding a dmz will only affect external traffic, you will still be able to access the router using http on the local network.

If it's still giving you dhcp info, do an ipconfig and check the default gateway. Try http://ip

If that fails, try doing a scan on the ip using a free scan port utility to see if the http port has been changed from default
What kind of PC did you setup as the def. destination for all the traffic?

it's a windows host? a linux host? or what?

if it's a win box, try with remote desktop, if enabled
if it's a linux box, try with VNC to get a graphical console.

if it's a win box and you didn't enable RDP or a Linux box and you didn't enable VNC connections... then it's tricky, but doable.
Let me know.

@DUDES: guys, if i well understood the question, he's locked out from EXTERNAL, cause the router is REMOTE.
He configured the router to forward ALL the traffic to the DMZ host.

Hintco, please correct me if i'm wrong.
Do a remote port scan, find out which ports are open still. Making another ip a dmz shouldn't stop access to the router, as the dmz is only used for unspesified ports. There would still be a port open for remote access.

Otherwise use teamviewer and get someone onsite to remote you into a PC so you can http to the router from 'the other side'
hintcoAuthor Commented:
i have no physical access  to the router, so i can't do reset or local login to the router page. !
Yeh but is there other people/computers at the site that you can remote to? Teamviewer is a good remote program that works without having to configure port forwarding so you can then get inside the LAN to configure the router

Youd just need to get someone to run teamviewer and read you the ID and password for you to access their machine

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