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We have several Mailservers in different countries, all have their own domain,,, etc. In one location we have an Email Appliance, for incoming and outgoing mail. That's why the A-records of all these domains point to the same external IPaddress. It happens many times, we send mail to companies, who do a reversed IP check, and then it can happen we send from, but the check returns Is there a way to avoid this?
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This link is worth looking at, especially the posts after the questions was closed
BurdieAuthor Commented:
I understand what you mean, but I'm not sure if it would help. When I do a reversed Ip Check, It will return a different domain each time. So even if I would config one FQDN for outgoing mail, it would not help. And all my domains have to point to the same IP, otherwise the incoming mail would not arrive.
All you need to do is make sure the sending IP has a matching A and PTR record.  It doesn't matter which domains you are sending mail from through that server.  At work I send mail from 200+ domains through the same servers, at home only 5 domains, but the same logic applies.

If that is not clear, then provide headers of one of your mails and I will break it down.

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BurdieAuthor Commented:
Thanks for both explanations. First tip gave me a lot of info, second was part of the solution. We checked the PTR records, and found we needed to reduce the to 1 PTR record in stead of 1 for every domain. We will test that soon (as we have to adjust all MX records for the other domains's) and if it is working, we will do so for all domain's
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